Yogi On The Green – Book


Yogi on the Green is a #1 International best-selling book in three categories in nine countries. The book was written with the desire to help a golfer improve his game and as well as his game of life. Arnold Palmer’s father once said, “golf is 1o percent physical and 90 percent mental!”

Various medical journals and sports articles have written how the ‘mind’ is the most important part of our being.  Staying in the moment is the best way to handle your daily stress. Meditation is equally important. a; a way to  stay in the moment. Whenever you see a basketball player at the three-point line, a bowler standing with his bowling ball in his hand collecting his thoughts on how to deliver the ball to the pens or a golfer at the tee box setting up for the drive;  you are watching a person with a routine, in a state of meditation to control their thoughts.

Daily meditation, whether it’s five minutes or a couple of hours, allows one to learn how to train their thoughts.  “to stay in the moment.” Medical doctors for years have spoken of the need to use your mind to improve your health. Philosophers from Marcus Aurelius, Socrates and Zeno spoke of the need to control your thoughts.

They state “Know what you can and can not control.” A golfer cannot control the conditions of the golf course they’re playing on – the wind, the rain, the quality of the greens, their last shot! However, with practice, (and I suggest with meditation) trey can control how they deal with their next shot and their overall game.

Author Victor Stringer incorporates his extensive experience as a certified yoga instructor in Kundali1iYoga and shares his secrets on how to be in the moment and get your head in the golf game as well as explore the  benefits of yoga on your game. There are many books about yoga and perhaps just as many about golf, and this book is for any golfer who wants to enhance their game and curious to try yoga. It is important for the reader to create a training program for yourself that helps make you the golfer you want to be and the person you desire to see in the mirror every day. Yogi on the Green provides insight into your game on the course and in your life.

As the Siddhartha Gautama (the fourth Buddha) said some 2500 years ago, following each of his talks, ‘MAY IT BE OF BENEFIT’


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