Understanding Indonesian Bethel Church Baptism

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Christian Bethel Church baptism is required to show their devotion to Christ. The term “baptism” means to dip something into and then remove it from a liquid or to be submerged. Thus, baptism usually entails submerging the candidate’s head in water or spraying them.

Christian cultures typically use “water baptism” and “baptism by immersion” interchangeably. This practise is an important symbol of being reborn and ready to participate in Jesus’ redemption. Today, water baptism symbolises death and rebirth.

Indonesian Bethel Church Baptism Procedure

Water baptism represents human rebirth in the name of Jesus Christ. Indonesian Bethel Church baptism has unique processes and standards. Let’s review these techniques for beginners.

Baptismal Requirements in Bethel Church

Baptism requires a sincere profession of faith and confidence in Jesus as Lord. Faith in Jesus as God is crucial because it leads to resurrection. Repentance is essential.

Baptism requires repentance. It symbolises a real repentance from sin and a commitment to virtue and fidelity. An adult Christian who can distinguish right from wrong may repent and commit to a life of faith.

Baptismal Process

In the Indonesian Bethel Church, baptism applicants must be 12 years old. By this age, people comprehend Christianity and baptism.

Water baptism is easy. The candidate is submerge completely. This represents the burial of the old self and resurrection in Christ. The candidate is lifted from the water after immersion, symbolising rebirth and union with Jesus Christ.

Place of Baptism Bethel Church

In the Indonesian Bethel Church, the baptism venue is flexible as long as there is enough water to immerse the applicant. Beach, river, bathhouse, or custom baptismal pool or font are alternatives. The candidate’s complete body must be immerse in water.

Administrative criteria must be accomplished in addition to comprehending the baptism process. These include completing the applications and giving two passport-sized pictures (3×4 cm) for baptism documentation.

Accepting Water Baptism

Water baptism is a meaningful spiritual rite for Christians. It represents a believer’s identification with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. It is a public confession of faith and a pledge to discipleship.

The Indonesian Bethel Church baptism procedure is a spiritual milestone that shows people’s commitment to Christ and faith. Through this sacrament, people confess their sins, accept Jesus as Lord, and start a new life in Christ.


Water baptism in the Indonesian Bethel Church is a religious event that shows a believer’s devotion to Christ and desire to follow Him. This symbolic ceremony marks a Christian’s rebirth and fresh beginning. This spiritual journey leads to trust, discipleship, and allegiance to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.